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Intelligent toasting process,
always to your taste

Stop worrying and let Bronze do the job.
Put the bread into the toaster, choose the colour of toasted bread you like and wait for the best toast to appear.

Imagine starting well every day

Keep healthy

Burnt toasts constitute a risk to your health because they contain acrylamide, a potentially carcinogenic substance, according to the FDA.

Zero food waste

On average, a family throws to the rubbish 50 burnt toasts every year. Join the zero-waste cause with Bronze and its perfect toasted bread.

Save energy

Bronze has a single control system which optimises the toasting process, no matter the type of bread, and reduces the energy consumption with regard to a traditional toaster.

Say goodbye to nonsense numbers

Traditional toaster

What do numbers mean?
In general, they establish the toasting time, but it depends on the type of bread you use, the bread’s condition and the toaster’s temperature.

Bronze Toaster

All you have to do is selecting the range of toasted colour you want. Bronze will do the rest, taking charge of toasting the bread in a perfect way to obtain the desired colour.

This appliance is provided with eyes

Thanks to its patented technology of artificial vision, Bronze controls the toasting process in an innovative and accurate way.

It can be used for all types of bread

Slices of white bread, wholemeal bread, gluten-free bread, spelt, rye or seed bread, as well as bagels and waffles. It is prepared for all these types in all their conditions: fresh or frozen.

With a minimalistic and functional design

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